Decorating After Christmas — Taking Cues from Nature

We took down the Christmas tree and the last of our decorations yesterday. I always find that process bittersweet. On one hand, I love getting the space back in our living room. On the other hand, with the merriment and music and magic of Christmas behind us, we’re left with…January. The store endcaps jump straight…

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Holiday Decorating Update: What I’ve Learned Through the Zones Approach

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my holiday decorating plans, explaining how I was going to put up my decorations only in specific zones. I added a note at the end of the post saying I’d update it later that weekend with photos because in my mind it was going to be that straightforward….

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The Most Important Step in Holiday Decorating

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving with loved ones! This morning I started taking down all our fall decorations in preparation for a Christmas and Hanukkah decorating extravaganza later this weekend. I was a little sad to dismantle our thankfulness wall, but saved some of my favorite entries, ones that feel particular to November…

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Decorate with Fall Leaves (and Why Leaf Walks Aren’t Just for Kids)

Earlier this week I told you how our annual leaf walk was a bust. That the boys weren’t into it and that not even the jauntiest of my rhymes was able to save the day. Not a big deal, right? Just a short neighborhood stroll where we’d gathered a few leaves and then stopped. Who…