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This Birthday Streamers Idea Lets Your Child BURST into Their New Year

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Looking for a fun, memorable way to help your child kick off their big day? Here’s a birthday streamers ideas that lets them burst into their new year!

Is there any day a kid looks forward to more than their birthday? Their planning and dreaming starts months in advance.

Show your kiddo how much your understand that their big day is a VERY important occasion with this simple birthday streamers idea.

How to Start a Doorway Birthday Streamers Tradition

This tradition is simple in terms of both supplies and implementation! Here’s what to do:

  1. Buy a roll (or rolls) of paper birthday streamers.

    You could choose just your child’s favorite color, buy all the colors you’ll need for a rainbow effect, make a pattern using three different colors…whatever suits your fancy!

    But if you want to keep it super simple, just buy a single roll of paper streamers in one color. The aesthetic is a minor detail, as you’ll see momentarily.

  2. Choose a doorway.

    Pick a doorway that your child will walk through first thing in the morning. Good options might be the door to their bedroom or the door to a connecting bathroom.

    BUT if your child tends to get up during the night to pay you a visit, use a hallway bathroom, etc., then at the end of a hallway might be a better option. That’s what’s worked well for us.

  3. Hang the streamers after your child has gone to bed.

    When your kiddo is soundly asleep, head to the chosen doorway and cut the number of birthday streamers that corresponds to their new age. So, for example, if you kid is turning 6, you’ll need 6 streamers.

    Tape the streamers across the doorway, rather than hanging them from the top. You’ll see why in just a moment.

  4. In the morning, have your child burst through the streamers.

    Have your child get into position behind the streamers, with all your family members gathered on the other side of the doorway (to get there without breaking the streamers, this might mean some family members have to crawl on their hands and knees under the streamers 🙃 — it’s all part of the love, people).

    Do a “3-2-1-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” countdown, a standard “Ready, set, go!”, or something of your own design to lead up to the big moment.

    Then laugh and clap and cheer for the birthday child as they burst through the streamers.
I figured out burst mode on my camera on my son’s birthday and then created this GIF. Somebody have some streamers I can burst through to celebrate improved tech skills?!?

Important Note – These Streamers are Meant to Be Broken!

You could ostensibly hang the streamers from the top of the door frame, let you child jump though them, and still have the unbroken streamers hanging there afterwards as decoration.

HOWEVER, that means EVERYONE gets to walk through them all day, not just the birthday kid.

Think of these birthday streamers not as decor, but in the vein of a ribbon cutting ceremony.

When a business holds its grand opening, or the first visitors are welcomed to a new museum, there’s that big moment when someone important wields an oversized pair of scissors to cut through the giant ribbon.

It’s an honor to be the ribbon cutter, and the excitement of the moment is amplified by a cheering crowd of onlookers.

It wouldn’t be the same if all the visitors got to walk back and forth through the ribbons all day long, right?

So with this birthday streamers idea, make your child the someone important, your family the cheering crowd, the occasion a new year of life, and your child’s body the giant pair of scissors.

(Because with kids’ love of physicality, it’s infinitely more fun to break through streamers by running pell-mell through them than it would be to delicately snip them with a scissors. Heck, maybe adults at business openings would actually prefer that option, too! 😊)

Colorful birthday streamers
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Give your child the chance to literally and symbolically burst into their next year of life.

My boys LOVED this new birthday streamers idea and it will be an easy tradition to keep doing. I’m going to keep it going just as long as they’ll let me!

I can already image them as eye-rolling teenagers who plod through the streamers with lackluster effort (while hopefully still secretly loving the tradition of it all).

Let me know if you give this idea a try!

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