Ho, Ho, Ho and Go, Go, Go! 8 Christmas Truck Books for Vehicle-Loving Kids

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Do you have a kiddo who can’t get enough of trucks and construction? Combine vehicle love with the holiday spirit with these eight Christmas truck books.

Construction Site on Christmas Night

If you have a kiddo interested in construction vehicles, I’m going to guess that you’ve read Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site approximately 418 times.

Construction Site on Christmas Night features the same beloved crew, this time working on a special Christmas Eve building project.

As each vehicle finishes working, it discovers a Christmas gift particularly suited for the job it does (e.g. a new scoop for the excavator).

The gentle rhyme of the text paired with the snow falling in the illustrations leads to a feeling of hushed Christmas Eve magic as you read this book aloud. It’s one of our favorites!

Construction Site: Merry and Bright

By the same author as the previous title, this board book stars the familiar construction crew and is written in the same fun-to-read rhyming pattern.

This time, the crew is preparing for a Christmas Eve party at the construction site. There are flaps for little readers to lift to reveal what each vehicle will contribute to the celebration.

Unlike so many stories that focus on a visit from Santa as the big climax, I love how this sweet story’s take-home message is the joy of being together: “a time to gather, give, and share — a season filled with love and care.”

This is a shorter story geared toward littler ones.

12 Sleighs of Christmas

One more by Sherri Duskey Rinker! She sure found her sweet spot in the vehicle category.

In The 12 Sleighs of Christmas, the elves discover Santa’s sleigh is in a state of disrepair. They spring into action to build him a new one.

Your vehicle enthusiast will love seeing the different sleighs’ features — “Pulleys, levers, secret rooms / gizmos, gadgets, levers, booms. Engines, runners, gliders, tracks / high-tech, souped-up…to the max.”

This one isn’t my favorite in that there’s a lot of story set-up, and then the actual counting of the 12 sleighs gets sped up, rather than going one by one.

It’s also on the longer side and requires a decent attention span, so a better pick for preschoolers and early elementary school kiddos than for toddlers.

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas

Calling all fans of the friendly “beep, beep, beep!” In this sweet holiday story, Little Blue delivers Christmas trees to his friends.

Toddlers and preschoolers will love the counting element, the catchy rhyming text, and seeing favorite characters. They’ll also be delighted by the Christmas tree on the last page, which features colorful flashing lights.

This is one of my toddler’s favorites.

20 Big Trucks in the Middle of Christmas

With Christmas festivities underway, twenty big trucks have jobs to do! This book is a truck lover’s dream come true, with a doughnut truck, snowplow, digger, crane, dump trucks, and more.

I also love how this book is told through the eyes of two kids, who become the heroes of the story when they come up with an ingenious solution to a broken Christmas tree star.

If you like this book, also be sure to check out the original, 20 Big Trucks in the MIddle of the Street.

Wreck the Halls

This cute little story features an overzealous tow truck who’s eager to help his friends decorate for Christmas. The truck’s enthusiasm results in funny disasters that will make the preschool crowd crack up.

Little vehicle lovers will also delight in the cast of characters that includes cranes, buses, and race cars.

Adult readers who enjoy puns (ME!) will appreciate numerous gems like, “Boats buoy spirits in low or yuletide.”

Bulldozer’s Christmas Dig

It’s Christmas Eve and Bulldozer is worried because he doesn’t have a single gift for his friends.

When he spots a half-buried tire in the snow, he starts digging to see if he might unearth some gifts.

One of the most fun parts of well-written vehicle stories is the sound effects, and this book has some great ones. Each time Bulldozer digs into the pile, we get to read, “Scra-a-a-a-ape…scra-a-a-a-ape…scra-a-a-a-ape…”

While all that scraping leads only to junk, Bulldozer finds a way to turn the rubbish into a Christmas tree-like structure.

It’s a sweet ending with the subtle message that the gifts we give one another don’t have to be individual things wrapped in bright packages.

Where Do Diggers Celebrate Christmas?

Come on, admit it — for years you’ve been wondering, “Where do cranes celebrate Christmas when they’ve lifted loads high and low? Do they share their Christmas spirit beneath the mistletoe?” 🙂

Okay, maybe you haven’t lost sleep wondering if trucks pucker up, but your little vehicle enthusiast probably ponders such questions.

This story features vehicles carrying out festive Christmas activities, like getting milk and cookies ready for Santa and singing carols.

Some out-of-the-ordinary vehicles, like forklifts and Zambonis, offer a fun twist for kids who read a lot of books in the truck genre.

Previous books in this popular series include Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?, Where Do Jet Planes Sleep at Night?, and Where Do Steam Trains Sleep at Night?

Pair the joy of the holiday season with the evergreen appeal of vehicles and you’ve made some serious Christmas magic for your truck lover.

Hope you enjoy these books!

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